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Detailed Sectional Index

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Regulators & Accessories

Regulator Examples  1

Single Stage  2

Twin Stage  2

First Stage  2

Second Stage  4

2 PSIG  4

Line Pressure  5

Industrial Second Stage  5

Pounds to Pounds  6

Industrial First Stage  7

Regulator Relief Valves  8

Automatic Changeover  8

Speciality RV  8

Pigtails  9

Brackets  9

Regulator Venting  10

Tee Blocks  11

Pressure Test Kits  11

Shutoff Valves

Cylinder Valves  12-14

Multivalves  15-16

Globes and Angles  17

Hose End Valves  18

Hose End Swivels  18

Liquid Transfer Valves  19

Needle Valves  19

Multipurpose Valves  20

Ball Valves  20-22

Plugaroo Valves  22

Bulk Storage

Bulk Storage Plants 23-26

Internal Valves  27-32

Loading Risers  33

Emergency Shut Off Valves  34-36

Loading & Unloading Risers  27

Safety Relief Valves  37-44

Relief Valve Caps  44

Excess Flow Valves 45-48

Chek-Lok 48

Filler & Check Valves  49-51

Adapters & Caps

ACME Adapters  52-56

POL Adapters  57-58

Cylinder Connectors  58

Gauging Equipment

Pressure Gauges  59

Pressure Test Kits, Manometers  59-60

Float Gauges  61-65

Rotogages 66

Fixed Liquid Level  67

Thermometers  67


Vapor Meters  68

Neptune Liquid Meters  69-71

Residential Controls

Gas Valves  72-73

Electronic Modules  74

Hot Surface Ignitors  74

Thermostats, Fan Limits  75

Thermocouples  76

Pilots & Accessories  77-78

Test Equipment  78

Orifices & Drills  79-81

Service Equipment

Flare Tools  82

Leak Detector, Methanol, Pipe Dope  83

Gloves, Chock Blocks  84

Paint  85-86

Electrical Test Meters  87

Signs and Decals  88-90

Reels & Swivels  91-93

Pumps, Compressors, Motors

Corken  94-98

Blackmer  99-100

Strainers & Flex Connectors  101

Motors & Drives  102

Pump Hook Up Kits  103

Dispensing Units  104-105

Krug Products  106

Cylinders and Accessories

Storage Cabinets  107

Cylinders  108-109

Tank Brackets  110

Cylinder Caps & Collars  111

Bottle Wrench  111

Cylinder Dolly  111

Pit Gauge, Lock Caps, Stamp Set  112

Scales  112

Vaporizers & Mixers

Direct Fired Vaporizers  113

Electric Vaporizers  114-115

Oil Separators  116

Propane/Air Mixers  117-118

Pipe and Fittings  119-125

Copper Tubing and Fittings  126-130

Corrugated Stainless Steel  131-132

Polyethylene Tubing  133-136

Hose, Fittings, Quick Connectors  137-142

Gas Lights  143

Torches  144-145

Heating Equipment

ADP Unit Heaters  146

Empire Heaters  147-152

Fireplace Products  153-156

General Information

Line Sizing  157-160

Technical Data  161-164

Valve Kits  165-175

Index  176

LP-Gas Equipment catalog cover

We present this catalog to our customers as a working tool to aid in the selection and purchasing of the wide variety of equipment used in today’s propane industry.

As reflected in the index, you will find related equipment grouped together and not necessarily grouped by product brand names. This should make it easier for you to match the exact part to your needs without searching back and forth from brand to brand. We have also made every effort to include graphics and desciptive text for each piece of equipment to aid in proper identification.

Due to the obvious limitations in constructing any catalog, there are many items that we handle that do not appear in the catalog. If you don’t see what you need, if you have questions about any of our products, their use, or their function, please give us a call. We will be happy to talk over any application needs you have.


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